Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hugo Boss Deep Red Shower Gel

Hugo Boss Deep Red is one of my all-time favourite perfumes so I was delighted when my Mum bought me a tube of the shower gel for my birthday back in March. You can buy the perfume in a set and get this product with it but it can also be bought separately for as little as £3.99 on Amazon for a 150ml tube.

The shower gel comes in a dark red tube, which matches the colour of the perfume bottle in this range. I love the colour and packaging of this shower gel as it looks a bit sexier than most shower gels I own. The tube is wider at the top, thinning out towards the silver screw cap at the bottom. The tube, although it has a wonderful colour, is quite plain. Printed on the front is the Hugo/ Hugo Boss logo along with the fact that this is in the Deep Red range, as well as how much product there is and what the product is. I do like the simplicity of the packaging though because it does what it needs to while looking nice at the same time.

As much as I love the perfume in this brand, I was worried the shower gel would not smell the same. However, once opening the cap, the familiar scent came right back to me. The Deep Red scent has a floral top note consisting of blackcurrant, pear, tangerine and blood orange, which gives it a wonderfully feminine scent. The middle notes include ginger and freesia while the end notes include more woody fragrances such as sandalwood, cedar, musk and vanilla. I love the mix of fragrances within this shower gel as they create such a unique scent.

The shower gel itself is a coppery orange colour which can be seen as soon as you begin to squeeze the tube. The shower gel also lathers up extremely well, which I would expect of a product of such a well-known brand. I only need to use one dollop of shower gel on a fluff ball in order for it to go into a nice, thick lather. Once hot water hits the shower gel, the scent is magnified, filling my bathroom with a fantastic floral but woody fragrance. I absolutely adore the smell of this shower gel and cannot get enough of it.

However, it does have a downfall. The scent, once on your body and out of the shower, does not last very long. The perfume lasts for hours but I find that the shower gel barely lasts a couple of hours. This shower gel would be a perfect product for me if it lasted longer than it does. However, I love the smell of it whilst in the shower so that wouldn’t stop me from buying it. 

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