Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sanctuary Body Wash

Since being bought a big Sanctuary gift set for my birthday, I have fallen in love with the brand. Everything I have used so far has been great. This review is for the Sanctuary Body Wash which is available from Boots and the Sanctuary Spa. It costs £5.50 for a 250ml bottle.

The body wash comes in a clear plastic bottle which has a frosted pull off cap. The bottle has the Sanctuary Spa name and logo printed on the front as well as a small description of the product. The bottle is nice enough but it is a little plain. If it wasn’t for being able to see the product inside, it would be extremely boring. The actual body wash is a wonderful light orange colour which also has capsules of sesame oil and jojoba inside and these are a darker orange. I think that these small capsules are what help to make the body wash look so attractive. It breaks up the monotony of a one colour body wash and it looks a bit different from anything else I have in my bathroom.

When using the body wash, it has the consistency of a thick gel. However, due to the added capsules, it is not the smoothest of gels but instead has a bitty texture to it. Now, this body wash doesn’t later up very well so you do actually only need to use one dollop of it. To begin with, I thought I wasn’t using enough as it didn’t lather up well but after trying out different measures of the body wash, I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter how much you use because you get the same results regardless. Although this body wash doesn’t lather up well, it does feel fantastic on the skin. The small lather feels very soft and silky and luxurious on the skin. When washing, you can feel the small capsules on your body but they don’t hurt or rub at all and they wash away easily instead of ending up being stuck in the bottom of the bath or shower like scrubs do.

Sanctuary use a mix of spices in their products which gives them a quite unusual scent to them. I do like the smell of Sanctuary products though and this one especially. Hot water added to the body wash makes the bathroom fill with the rich, spicy fragrance and it is extremely refreshing. This body wash has a scent different from any other brand I know and it definitely stands out to me.

After using this, my skin feels incredibly soft and smooth but the scent does not last. Not too long after getting out of the bath or shower I notice that my skin doesn’t really smell of anything much at all. I really love how this smells in the shower but it is such a shame that my skin doesn’t get to smell of it afterwards. For the hefty price tag of £5.50 a bottle, I want more than just a nice smelling shower. So, because of that, I am not completely impressed with this product.

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