Monday, 8 July 2013

Multicoloured Barry M Nails

I'm generally quite boring when it comes to my nails and I'm not very creative with colours and designs. I blame being unsteady when trying to paint my right hand nails. I can never paint my right hand any where near as well as my left and I always thought I wouldn't be able to do anything fun. However, the other week I saw a post on another blog (and I feel terrible because I can't remember which blog now) about using nail tape to help create designs. 

As soon as I finished reading the post, I headed over to ebay to order myself some. I managed to get 20 rolls of metallic nail art striping tape for the bargain price of £2.99 (99p delivery). If you're interested in the exact product purchased, you can find it here! This tape can be used to mark out actual designs on your nails and for it to stay there but that isn't what I wanted it for. I wanted to be able to mark out different colour sections in order for me to be able to paint them neatly. Also, as I put these on my nails to mark out blocks, I realised they didn't actually stick down too well on their own. Maybe with a top coat on they would stay but I can imagine them to peel off quite easily. 

Anyway, wanting to try out something quite simple at first, I chose to do a two colour design, with diagonal colour blocks. Barry M do one of my absolute favourite colours which is Raspberry so I wanted to use that and I used Bright Purple. Now, I was silly and forgot to take pictures of the masking part of this process so you don't get to see that unfortunately. I will still describe the process though. 

To start with, I cut off enough pieces of tape and stuck them down diagonally across my nails. Firstly, I painted the bottom sections in Raspberry, quickly putting one coat on after the other. The tape itself needs to be pulled off quite quickly otherwise you end up with sticky nail polish all over the place and lines which are far from neat. After the bottom halves of my nails were dry, I then painted the tops in purple. This part requires a pretty steady hand so that you don't mess up the lines. I did, however, end up with nail polish on my fingers due to it being a bit tricky but that's nothing a cotton bud and nail polish remover won't fix. 

I wasn't sure the colours were going to match but I think the final result is pretty good and you can see it below!

That is a picture of my left hand and I'll honestly say, the right hand didn't look quite as neat but it was good enough for me, especially for a first attempt at doing something different. In total, this look took me about 30 minutes from start to finish but I imagine I will get quicker with practice. 

I will definitely be trying out new designs in the future and I think the tape will be really good for creating a multicoloured manicure look!

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