Saturday, 27 July 2013

Headline Colors Nail Polish - Spotlight

In my first Glossybox (a monthly subscription for beauty products), I received a Headline Colors Nail Polish. Headline isn’t a brand I had heard of before but probably because it is so new. At the minute, 2 collections are available to buy which consist of The Spring/ Summer 13 Catwalk collection and the 12/13 Autumn/ Collection.

Each nail polish costs £9 and can be bought from:

As I got this product through Glossybox, I had no choice over the colour I received but I did get the Spotlight colour. The nail polish comes in a small, square glass bottle which is see through. The bottom of the bottle has the Headline Colours logo but nothing else which makes the packaging quite plain. The lid is made from black plastic which is a nice contrast with the clear glass.

The colour I received is a silvery purple kind of shade which can be seen easily in the bottle. After taking off the lid and revealing the brush, it quickly became clear that this nail polish was quite thin in consistency. However, Headline advise to ‘Apply two thin coats to clean nails’. As I painted on the first coat, I could instantly see just how thin the liquid was. The first coat was extremely streaky and at this point I was not at all impressed with how it looked on my nails.

Luckily, the second coat looked a lot better. Instead of the thin, streaky colour that I had before, the second coat gave my nails a wonderfully shiny metallic finish. I have never had a nail polish that is so different from one coat to the next but I was really pleased to see that the finish had improved a great deal. I also really liked the finished colour. Although the nail polish looks more silver in the bottle, it ends up more of a metallic lilac after the final coat.

While I really like the colour of this nail polish, I cannot say that it is worth the hefty £9 price tag. I painted my nails at about 8 or 9pm at night but by 10am the next morning, they were chipped… a lot. My nails looked terrible and I hadn’t done anything particularly harsh in order to cause the chipping. None of my other nail polishes chip this easily and they are all a lot cheaper than £9. The nail polish is also really easily removed, which is a good thing in this case. I couldn’t wait to get it off after it looked so bad.

Unfortunately, while this new range does do some fantastic colours, I just cannot recommend it due to it not lasting even 24 hours. 

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