Monday, 15 July 2013

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit

What you get in the kit
I recently signed up to a site called Bzzagent, where you get to trial products and spread the word about them. My first campaign was for the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit. Inside my pack was the main roll on kit, which consisted of the heating device, a 50ml refill for legs and arms, 12 waxing strips, 4 wipes and instructions. I also got a refill pack for bikini lines and underarms. The retail price for the main, big kit is £29.99 and refills are roughly £9.99. (They are a lot cheaper on Amazon though)

I have never waxed before having always used razors so I was a little wary about what using this would be like. However, Veet claim that this product uses the same ingredients as salons and can give salon waxing finishes at home. I do get bored of shaving my legs at least once a week but have always been too scared of the pain of waxing. Before using this product, Veet recommend exfoliating the day before you intend to wax and for hair to be between 2 and 5mm long.

The device
So having exfoliated the day before, I got ready to be in some serious pain. The heating device is easy to assemble. All you need to do it plug it in to the mains, the other end plugged into the device and then pop it into the base stand. The refill pack slots into the device easily. Once the heating system is on, there is a little red light at the bottom which indicated it is heating. The heating device is quite plain as it is mostly white with a bright pink cap and pink sides which are made from rubber. This makes it easier to hold in the hand and less likely to slip.

On the top of the refill is a roller, which is what is used to put the wax on your legs.  

First use
The device with heated wax
Veet say that the device should take around 20 minutes to heat up properly. This can be tested by moving the roller on the top of the device. If the device is heated properly, the roller will move freely but if it doesn’t, just leave it to heat up for a bit longer. Mine took quite a bit longer than 20 minutes to heat up enough to be able to use the product though. After 20 minutes I couldn’t move the roller at all. After 30 it moved a little bit but it wasn’t until after 45 minutes that I could move it enough that wax showed.

At this point, I was getting bored of waiting and just wanted it to be over. I had my waxing strips all laid out on the table in front of me ready for use as well as the wipes to get rid of any excess wax. I must say at this point that this wax does not come off with water so the wipes provided must be used. So, once the device had heated up enough to use, I slowly rolled the wax on to the middle of my leg in the direction of my hair growth. With the right pressure, the peach/ pink coloured wax provides an even line on the skin. At this point, I immediately applied the waxing strip and got ready to rip it off.

The ripping of the strip was by far the scariest part of this whole process. Veet advise to hold the skin down taut before ripping it off for better results. The sound of the wax strip being ripped off was far worse sounding than it actually felt. While I cannot say that it didn’t hurt at all, it wasn’t nearly as painful as I had imagined it to be. Instead of actual pain, I would describe the feeling as slight discomfort more than anything but I think I would get used to this quickly if I were to keep on using the wax.

However, on one part of my leg I did end up using too much wax and removing this did hurt like hell. You only need to use one roll of the wax – do not go over it more than once and this is where I went wrong. The wax was too thick and the strip did not rip off easily. Instead, I had to do it slowly which is why it hurt so much. Lesson learned though.

How well does it work?
My leg after use
While the pain was minimal, I wasn’t completely impressed with this product. For the price, I wanted my legs to be completely hair free but this wasn’t what I got. Although I made sure to wax on lines right next to each other, covering everywhere with hair, I was left with small bits of hair on both of my legs. Considering the hair left on the waxing strips, I thought I had got it all but apparently not. The hair on my legs wasn’t too long, maybe only 2-3mm so it wasn’t too short nor too long compared to what Veet recommended.

After waxing, my legs were left feeling quite tingly and extremely sticky. Veet supply for wipes for use after waxing due to the wax not being able to be removed with water. The wipes come in small foil packets and are extremely oily to the touch. These removed the residue wax on my legs really well but my legs were left feeling very oily afterwards. Luckily I was having a shower after waxing so I didn’t mind this too much.

Due to the wax not removing all of the hair, I had to go over parts of my legs with a razor. This kind of defeats the point of waxing in my eyes but maybe as it was my first time, I didn’t do it as well as I should have. I also ended up using the whole 12 waxing strips so to use this again, I need to purchase some more.

Due to the price of the starting pack, I am not as impressed with this product as I could have been. Although I was left with random hair on my legs, that parts that were waxed properly were extremely smooth and felt wonderful. The refill pack has enough wax in it for 4 uses on legs so I will buy some more strips so that I can use it again. It seems silly to waste something so expensive. 

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