Thursday, 31 January 2013

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel

Original Source products are something that I will always buy if I see them on offer. I try to get something I haven’t had before every time and the newest was the Lavender and Tea Tree shower gel.

Original Source is a company that is proud to use as many British products as possible. Their 'About Us' page on the website ( states that they are proud to use British products and where possible, will always use these. Original Source are a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and also work closely with the Vegan Society. The website also has a great list of promises that the company has made and they can be seen below.

Never ever consider, or even think of, showering or bathing as a routine
Always remain curious
Use our senses to discover intense experiences
Use natural ingredients
Never tire of looking for new ingredients
Never stop messing around with new ingredients and packaging
Never test our products on animals
Always test our products on ourselves
Never be wasteful

This shower gel comes in the usual Original Source packaging, a clear bottle which lets you see the colour of the product inside. The plastic the bottle is made out of feel quite thick and not flimsy at all unlike some other shower gel bottles I have had before. The brand name and variety of the shower gel are printed on the front of the bottle. The colour of the shower gel inside and the Original Source packaging make this a product that is hard to miss on the shelf.
The bottom of the bottle is black and that is where you can find the flip lid which allows you to get at the shower gel itself. The clasp clicks open with ease and I have never had problems being able to open it, even with wet hands. The bottle is also really easy to grip whilst in the shower and I have not had any problems with it slipping out of my hands. I really like the packaging as sad as that sounds but it is one of the better brands out there for good packaging.

As soon as you flip open the lid to this shower gel, the strong smell of lavender hits you immediately. Although this shower gel has tea tree in it as well, it is quite overpowered by the lavender. I love lavender as a scent and find it really relaxing so this is a product I tend to use more at night rather than in the morning. As with all Original Source shower gels, once put onto a shower puff, it lathers up really well so you don’t need to use a lot of it at once. The shower gel lathers up quickly, filling the bathroom with a wonderfully relaxing scent. This shower gel is also really soft on the skin and it feels fantastic to use.

Original Source can be found is all major supermarkets or anywhere that sells cosmetics/ toiletries. At regular price, the same size bottle will usually set you back somewhere between £2.50 and £3 which is still very reasonable and well worth paying for such an amazing product. Original Source shower gels can often be found on offer though so they’re worth looking out for.

I really love this shower gel and is now one of my favourites from Original Source. I do with the tea tree was a bit more evident but I don’t mind too much because I love the lavender scent so much. 

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