Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A pretty good day

Today has been a pretty exciting day considering I haven’t left the house! Being in my last year of university, I don’t have long left living in Nottingham before I move to Norfolk to live with my fiancé. Something I wish I had done more of while I have lived in Nottingham is making the most of the theatres here and going to see more. So far, I’ve only been to see Romeo and Juliet last year. I’ve also never been to see a ballet and have always wanted to. The fiancé and I aren’t getting to see each other on Valentine’s Day and instead have to wait until the week after. When I saw that the Moscow City Ballet are performing Swan Lake here, I was desperate to go and today I finally remembered to book tickets. They aren’t the best tickets because I left it too late but still – ballet tickets!!

Not only did I book John and I ballet tickets, I also booked and paid for our wedding extras. The company we’re planning our wedding through is so helpful and straightforward which makes adding anything else we needed super simple. I thought getting married in Florida worried me slightly to begin with, thinking that everything would be so hard to organise but it has actually been super easy. Today I booked and paid for our town car, someone to come and do my hair and make-up as well as our photos. Now all we need to do is finish paying for the holiday, get our spending money together and buy our Disney and Universal park tickets. The wedding is just under 10 months away now and I can’t wait. 2013 is going to be a great year. 

Not over the top but still lovely!

Beautiful setting for a wedding. 

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