Monday, 28 January 2013

Nails Inc. Motcomb Street

A good friend bought me some new Nails Inc. nail polishes for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to use them. The first one that I got to try was the limited edition Motcomb Street. Nails Inc. polishes are pretty expensive considering they’re £11 each for a single bottle so they’re not something I would buy myself very often. However, often have them on offer at 3 for £22 which is basically 3 for 2.

This nail polish comes in the typical Nails Inc bottle which is quite small and made from glass. The lid is metallic silver and unscrews to come off. On the see through bottle is the Nails Inc. logo along with ‘limited edition’ printed below. The back of the bottle has on it the company address along with showing that there is 10ml of liquid inside. If you turn the bottle upside down, you can see the name of the nail polish on the underneath.

Motcomb Street is actually a really dark navy blue nail polish although I originally thought it was black. It wasn’t until I started painting my nails that I realised I had gotten the colour wrong. As you paint on your first coat, the colour looks like a mixture between a strange green colour and blue but don’t be put off, the second coat makes all the difference. The brush used with this nail polish is just like any other and generally takes 2-3 strokes to cover one nail which isn’t too bad.

The nail polish itself is quite thin so be careful how much you have on your brush at any one time. This isn’t too bad if you’re doing one of your bigger nails but I did my pinkie finger first and ended up with way too much. What I really love about this nail polish is how quickly it dried. Although it isn’t a quick drying product, the first coat dried in a few minutes which made it possible to do the second coat quite quickly. After the second coat, all of my nails were completely dry and not tacky at all after about 10 minutes.

This polish is also extremely easy to remove which I was glad to see. I use acetone to remove my nail polish instead of general nail polish remover which does make it a bit easier than normal. Using cotton wool pads, each nails needed one quick swipe over, removing all of the nail polish.

Although I do think this is an expensive nail polish, I love the colour and I think it will quickly become a favourite. 

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