Friday, 25 January 2013

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

It’s only over the past year or so that I’ve gotten more into my bath products. One of the best known and most popular is Lush, a company who prides themselves in selling fresh, handmade cosmetics and bath products and I only tend to shop here during the sales after Christmas. While their products are nice, I don’t want to pay their full prices.

Last Christmas my fiancé bought me the Snow Fairy lip tint after I had tried some of my friend’s so this year, I went on a hunt for other Snow Fairy products. I managed to get hold of a 100ml bottle which cost £1.75 although full price is £3.50. Larger 200ml and 500ml bottles are also available before Christmas but these had already sold out by Boxing Day. All Snow Fairy products are limited edition and are only available around Christmas time.

== How Lush describe it ==
Our winter temptress shower hair and body gel that’s bursting with fruit fragrance and has a sparkle of ice through it.

Now we must confess, it’s a mystery to us why this one particular product should become our No1 Christmas bestseller. It’s not your classic hippy dippy Lush herbal offering. Instead it is an intensely sweet, fruity pink shower gel loved by people everywhere.

== My experience ==
I couldn’t wait to try this out on Boxing Day night after braving the shops during the day. The shower gel comes in the typical Lush shower gel bottle which is made from plastic with a black flip top cap. On the bottle is a black label which has on it the Lush logo, a ‘packed by’ sticker with a use by date along with the name of the product and a description. Although the Lush packaging is pretty much all the same in different colours, at least they match on my bathroom shelf. A good thing about the Lush bottles is that you can take the lids back to the shop to recycle.

The colour of the shower gel is a bright pink which will appeal to girls of all ages but I think this would be a lovely treat for younger girls. As soon as you open the lid, the rich and sweet smell. Although this is supposed to smell like candyfloss, I think it smells more like cheap cherryade which I love the smell of. I haven’t had a Lush shower gel before this one but when I began to pour the liquid out of the bottle, I was pleasantly surprised with how thick it was. Unlike cheaper shower gels, this one has a lovely consistency which also means you don’t need to use too much of it in one go.

As I began to pour out the shower gel onto my fluff ball thingy, the sweet smell instantly hit me again. Now, while I really love the scent of this shower gel, I think it may be too sweet for some people. While this is in the bottle, it has tiny flecks of glitter mixed in but once out of the bottle, it seems to disappear which was a bit disappointing. You only need a small amount of Snow Fairy and it lathers up really quickly. The shower gel feels very luxurious and thick on the skin and feels wonderful to use in the shower. It feels extremely soft and smooth on my skin and the scent fills the bathroom for ages.

My only real big disappointment with this shower gel is that the scent doesn’t last very long on the skin. I wish it lasted longer as I think this would make it better value for money. I wouldn’t pay the full price of £3.50 for a 100ml bottle but I will definitely be looking for it in the Christmas sales every year.

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