Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Disney Lots O Huggin Bear Soft Toy

My absolute favourite Disney soft toy that I own is Lots O Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3. Again, he was a gift from my boyfriend and one of the first things he ever bought me. There hasn’t been a day while I’m at university that I haven’t slept with Lots O in my bed at night. You will understand why later in this review.

Lots O Huggin Bear is slightly more expensive than other Disney soft toys and is usually priced at £22. However, there is a bigger version of this soft toy which I recently bought for something else and that one costs £40 (although I got mine half price in a sale). Lots O is 34cm in height and 35cm in width which does also make him slightly bigger than other soft toys which I guess is why he is a little more expensive.

Lots O is a lovely raspberry pink colour and his fur is extremely soft. The pads of his paws and feet are an off-white colour. He also has a large white mouth with a large raspberry coloured nose. One of Lots O’s eyebrows is slightly arched which makes him look a little bit evil. However, as evil as he looks, I cannot help but love him. He is so cuddly and warm and kids will be able to pull him around all over the place.

Lots O Huggin Bear is slightly more special than other Disney toys. The reason being, he smells like strawberries. The scent is really fake but it does smell wonderful and that’s the reason I like having him in bed with with. He’s so cosy to cuddle up with and I love having the smell of strawberries next to me as I fall to sleep.

This is a great soft toy from Disney and I am yet to find one I love anywhere near to how much I love this one. Highly recommended for both kids and adults! 

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