Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wilko Blackcurrant Juicy Fruity Foam Bath

To go with my blackcurrant body smoothie, I bought the Wilko Blackcurrant Juicy Fruity Foam Bath. I do like products that match and the current offer on these makes it easy to buy more than one thing of the same scent. As this is a Wilko product, it is only available to buy online or in store. Currently, everything in this range costs £1 or you can buy two products for £1.50.
This bubble bath comes in a plastic bottle which holds 500ml of liquid. The bottle is made out of plastic and is mostly transparent. The main part of the bottle has on it a purple label which matches is a bit lighter than the colour of the product inside. On the label is gives the name of the product with FRUITY written down the side in large letters. The label also gives a description of the product which is; this’ll be your pick for a rich, fruity, invigorating soak. I think the descriptions on these products make them sound much more tempting than if it weren’t there. The top of the bottle has a black screw and flip top lid which is how you dispense the product. The bottle is nice and bright which makes it stand out on the shelf.
The smell is very sweet but I love it so I don’t mind that at all. To use this product, you need to flip open the lid and squeeze the bottle underneath hot running water. Unlike the smoothie version of this scent, once you open the bottle you can immediately smell the blackcurrant. Once the bubble bath hits the water, it fills the bathroom with a lovely blackcurrant smell. The hot water makes the smell even nicer than it is in the bottle. The bubbles begin to form as soon as the liquid hits the water. You don’t need to use much to make some bubbles but I like the bath to be completely filled so I tend to use more of this than I really need to.
While this bubble bath doesn’t moisturise the skin, it does make a bath a lot more relaxing. Due to the smell and feel of the bubbles, I can easily lay in a bath after using this product for an hour, occasionally topping up the hot water. The scent from this bubble bath stays in the bathroom for quite some time after my bath has finished which was a nice extra touch. As you can see, I love this bubble bath!

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