Friday, 11 January 2013

Models Own Nail Polish - Disco Mix

Another of the Models Own nail polish which I purchased not too long ago is from their range of glitter polishes and called Disco Mix. As well as having a range of matt polishes and others that are a bit different, I love a good glitter nail polish. I think they stand out extremely well and look fantastic for nights out. Models Own products are available in either most Boots stores or online from their website which is Although I got my nail polishes from Boots, the website does have regular offers on so it is worth checking out.
The nail polish comes in the usual Models Own nail polish bottle, which is round and made from glass. The bottle is clear with the Models Own logo on the front in white text while on the back is the company address and website information. On the bottom of the bottle you can find the name of the nail polish. The lid is white which matches the text on the front of the bottle. The bottles are very plain but it does make it possible to see the colour inside and it will match any other Models Own nail polishes that you may have.
After unscrewing the lid and pulled up the brush, I could see it was quite long although not much different than any other nail polish brush. As this is a glitter nail polish, the liquid did not look the same as it did in the bottle. Glitter nail polishes generally need a good few coats to get the desired colour, especially if you want it to look like it does in the bottle. However, with glitter nail polishes, I always put on a coloured coat underneath as it tends to make the glitter stand out more. I had never thought about doing this before but the guy who used to do my nails told me about the trick and showed me how well it worked. The size of the brush meant that the polish was easy to apply and it coated my nails well.
As I already had on a purple undercoat, the glitter looked quite effective after only one coat. I did put on another one though just to make my nails super glittery but one coat would have been enough. However, if you do not use a colour base coat like I do, you will be looking at having to do at least 3 coats of this nail polish to make your nails very glittery. With glitter polishes too, I always use a clear top coat. This nail polish especially felt quite rough on the surface and a top coat fixed this problem for me. I love the colour and think it’s fab for nights out. I would happily buy from the glitter range again.
My only problem with this product is how hard it is to get off. Normal nail polish will make hard work of removing the polish. I would strongly advise buying a bottle of Acetone instead. This kind of thing is used for removing tips and acrylic nails so it makes removing this kind of nail polish much easier.
This particular colour is worth the £5 I paid for it!

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