Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Disney Sulley Soft Toy

I really love my Disney soft toys and a while back, my boyfriend bought me Sulley from Monsters, Inc. This is one of my favourite Disney films so it was a nice surprise to get a character that I already loved so much.

Sulley, at full price is £18 although The Disney Store, both in shopping centers and online, often have sales on where you can get him for £10 instead so this is worth looking out for. I think £18 is a reasonable price though for this soft toy and I would have happily paid it myself. Sulley measures 31cm in height and roughly 26cm in width which is why I think the price is so reasonable. There are smaller soft toys available for the same price so with Sulley, you’re getting quite a large soft toy for a very good price.

Sulley looks exactly like he does in the film. His fur is bright blue with purple spots and is really soft. However, it feels as though some of the inside of Sulley is made out of something a bit harder than other Disney soft toys as he isn’t quite as cuddly as others I have such as Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear. Sulley also has brown claws on both his hands and feet and purple horns on either side of his head. This soft toy also comes with a huge smile on his face which is something I think children will like.

Although I do love my Sulley, I don’t quite love him as much as some other Disney soft toys that I have. For children especially, he isn’t the kind of soft toy that you can cuddle up with in bed so this is why he isn’t a five star toy for me. I still need to get a Mike to go with Sulley which might be something to buy in the Christmas sales. 

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