Monday, 7 January 2013

Models Own Nail Polish - Aqua Violet Beetlejuice

I decided it was about time I tried some new nail polishes. I usually stick to Rimmel’s 60 second range or anything by Barry M. However, many of my friends use Models Own nail polishes and have been telling me how good they are. Models Own products are available in either most Boots stores or online from their website which is Although I got my nail polishes from Boots, the website does have offers on regarding pricing.
I decided to splash out and treat myself to quite a few nail polishes so expect a few reviews about the different colours I bought. The nail polish in question for this review though is Aqua Violet which comes from the Beetlejuice range of polishes. Models Own separates their polishes into different ranges although I didn’t know this until I looked at the website. The Beetlejuice range is described as ‘Duo-chrome shades in a range of hues’. I bought this colour because it was a lovely shade of purple and blue mixed together.
The nail polish comes in a clear nail polish bottle with a white lid. The glass bottle also has on it the Models Own logo in white text which matches the lid. The packaging is quite plain looking although this does make it possible to easily see the colour of the nail polish inside. The back of the bottle gives website information as well as the company address while on the bottom of the bottle is a sticker stating what colour you are buying. Also, as each Models Own bottle looks the same, they will all match if you have a large range of their products.
After unscrewing the lid and pulled up the brush, I could see it was quite long although not much different than any other nail polish brush. The liquid on the brush didn’t look very thick though so it didn’t give me much of a good feeling before starting to paint my nails. The polish goes on the nails easily but as the liquid is thin, it took a couple of coats for my nails to look anything like the colour in the bottle. I would have liked to have been able to achieve this colour in 1 or 2 coats, rather than 3 especially as I’m used to the 60 second nail polishes. This nail polish takes a fair amount of time to dry so doing 3 coats takes up a lot of my time.
As well as taking a long time to paint my nails, the finish was also not great. The nail polish doesn’t go on very smoothly and I ended up with plenty of air bubbles. The colour began to chip after only three days which is another thing I am not used to experiencing with other nail polishes. This nail polish cost £5 and I don’t think that is worth it for the end result. However, as this is a polish mixed with different colours, I wondered whether or not this would happen with the other colours I bought. That you can find out in later reviews of Models Own nail polishes.

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