Thursday, 3 January 2013

Boots No7 Smooth Base Coat

No 7 is one of those brands that I sometimes forget about, especially for nail polishes. However, due to wearing either bright or dark colours on my nails quite a lot, I thought it was about time I got a good base coat polish to stop the colours staining my nails. I bought Boots No7 Smooth Base Coat from my local Boots store for £5.50 but you can also use 550 Boots points to buy this product as well.
The clear nail polish comes in a small glass bottle which holds 10ml of nail polish. The lid screws off to show the little brush which you then use for applying the polish to your nails. For some reason, I quite like the No 7 nail polish bottles even though they are quite plain and not much different to any other brands.
The nail polish is easy to apply and you can either use this on its own or then paint another colour on top of it. The brush is thick enough so that it only takes two or three coats to cover your whole nail. The smell of the polish is the same as any other, with a slight chemical smell to it but it isn’t that bad at all and it isn’t overpowering. The polish does dry quite quickly compared with other nail polishes I have bought in the past and I have found that my whole nail is dry in only a couple of minutes.
What I like about this base coat is that while it looks nice on its own, it is also good for other things. If you are using this as a base coat to another colour, it gives your nails a smooth finish which makes it easier and smoother to apply the other colour. I actually think that applying nail polish is a lot easier once you have a base coat in place compared with not having one at all.
Removing the nail polish is quite easy too. Sometimes when using dark colours, it takes me ages to get rid of all of the colour but when using this base coat, I find that there is no scrubbing needed. The dark colour on top comes off easily and my nails look perfectly clean afterwards, which is the benefit of using a base coat.
I really like this base coat and I would definitely buy it again, as well as some other No 7 nail polishes.

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