Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Models Own Nail Polish - Grey Day

After the bad results of the Aqua Violet version of Models Own nail polishes, I still wanted to try the other colours I had bought. This time, I tried Grey Day, which I bought because it was different to any other colour I owned and I’m really liking the office kind of colours that nail polishes are available in now. Models Own products are available in either most Boots stores or online from their website which is www.modelsownit.com. This nail polish cost me £5 although it is available in an offer at the minute online for buy 3 save £3 or buy 5 save £7 (from the brands own website). I wish there had been an offer on these nail polishes in Boots when I first bought them as I paid full price for them all, something I wish I hadn’t done now.
The nail polish comes in the standard Models Own nail polish bottle, which is made from glass. The bottle is clear with the Models Own logo on the front in white text. On the back is the company address and website information while the name of the nail polish is on the bottom of the bottle. The lid is white which matches the text on the front of the bottle. The bottles are very plain but it does make it possible to see the colour inside and it will match any other Models Own nail polishes that you may have.
Once you unscrew the lid and pull out the brush, you will see that it is not much different than any other nail polish brush apart from it is slightly longer. The thickness of the brush is nice and it looks like it would cover the nail easily. The liquid is quite thin on the brush but the colour is really visible. The polish does go on the nail easily although I needed two quite thick coats with this one which took a while to dry between coats. Two coats I don’t mind doing but I do wish that the polish had dried a little easier. The grey colour is lovely and does look quite a professional colour in comparison to having something like a pink or a blue.
Grey Day had a much better finish than the Beetlejuice nail polish I tried before this one. The finish was lovely and smooth, with a matt finish. There was also no air bubbles in the polish which is an effect I experienced with the previous colour. This colour also lasted a little longer and only began to chip after about 4 days. I really liked this colour and because it was a lot better than the other colour I tried, I would happily buy Models Own polishes again, just not from the Beetlejuice range.

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