Saturday, 5 January 2013

Paperchase Book Journal

My sister knows what I’m like when it comes to lists and being organised as well as understanding my love of books. What better Christmas present to get me than a book journal? Also, she knows I love Paperchase and pretty much anything that comes from there.

This book journal is the perfect thing for bloggers and book reviewers of any kind really. The journal is quite nice in size, measuring 210mm x 120mm x 15mm, which makes it easy to fit in most handbags regardless of their size. My handbag is pretty large so it obviously fits in really easily. The journal is covered in grey photos of stacked up books, which flows from the front cover to the back. The front also has on it ‘Book Journal’ in large letters surrounded by a white box with black edges. The spine of the book is light blue which matches the bookmark inside. A light blue elastic band is also attached making it possible to close the book nicely.

Inside the journal are different sections. There are pages at the front for book reviews, having sections for the title of the book, the author and quite a large amount of lined paper for any notes you want to make. This section takes up roughly the first half of the journal. After that, pages alternate between ‘books to read’ and ‘books borrowed/ lent’. The ‘books to read’ pages only have the heading at the top with the rest of the page being lined while the ‘borrowed/lent’ pages are lines with a line running down the middle of the page. The pages give you plenty of space to write even though it is quite thin in width compared to say, a normal note book.

I’m always reading on the go and although I try to write my reviews soon after finishing a book, I don’t always get the chance. This journal is perfect for me as it means I can write down anything important I want to remember to put in my reviews.

Full price, this costs £6.75 although it is currently on sale for £4.50 and can be found online and in Paperchase shops. 


  1. I loove these journals. They are super pretty.