Thursday, 24 January 2013

Disney Mike Soft Toy

After being bought the Sulley soft toy by my fiancé a, I desperately wanted Mike Wazowski to go with him. Sulley looked lonely sat on top of one of my chests of drawers and needed his best friend to keep him company. Luckily, I got bought the Disney Mike Soft Toy for Christmas.

Mike is a small, green, one eyed monster. The material used for this soft toy is polyester and a bright lime green colour. Next to Sulley who is blue and purple, they make a well matched pair. This soft toy also has a partial bean bag filling in the bottom of his belly. The most striking feature about Mike is his one, big bulging eye which is made from a deep green with gold stitching. He also has grey horns on either side of his head and his claws on feet and hands match. Mike is roughly H34 x W36cm in size although he does also sit down which makes him smaller (About H23cm).

At full price, this soft toy costs £18 although he is in the sale quite a lot for £10. At either price, I think he is worth the money. Mike is soft and very cuddly, although he doesn’t look like he should be. The material he is made from is very smooth and his long dangly arms and legs make him perfect for kids to drag around. He also makes a great addition to your collection if you have other Monsters, Inc. characters like Sulley or the Yeti (which I really want now). This soft toy is also of a decent size, although not as big as some of the others which cost the same.

Somehow, I love Mike much more than I do Sulley. I think this is mostly down to the fact that he is better to cuddle and is just a nicer looking soft toy generally. 

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